Property valuations

Our experienced and knowledgeable team undertakes valuations of social housing properties throughout Spain for a variety of purposes and clients.

Housing property valuation examples:

Valuation of the apartment

House valuation

Valuation of the land

Town house valuation

Commercial property valuations examples:

Valuations of Office Buildings

Valuations of Apartment Buildings

Valuations of Shopping Centers

Valuations of Hotels

Valuations of Department Stores

Valuations of Auto Sales Facilities

Valuations of Condominium Complexes

Valuations of Bank Branch Buildings

Valuations of Single Family Residences

Valuations of Medical Buildings

Valuation of Vacant Land

Value estimation of Industrial Warehouses

Value estimation of Industrial Parks

Value estimation of Restaurants

Value estimation of Marinas

Value estimation of Golf Courses


Property valuations in the ownership dispute

Real estate valuations in divorce actions

Property valuations in division of inheritance

Real estate valuations inheritance/estate dispute

Katewins legal provides the finest real estate appraisal services for accountants, attorneys and individuals involved in real estates. Our services are designed to offer you the highest quality appraisals and valuations while always meeting the deadlines.

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Too expensive

13% of respondents answered that, after buying their home, they believed they overpaid.